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GeoConvin parametrit

No Parameter Description Default value Example Used only if/when Comment
1 InFile Name of the input file   c:\gps\camp.trk   for basic use
2 OutFile Name of the output file see manual c:\gps\pori.rte   for basic use
3 InForm Input-format PCX5 OZITRK   for basic use
4 OutForm Output-format PCX5 Waypoint   for basic use
5 OutType Output-type (track,route,�) forced outtype Route   blanc,track,route,waypoint
6 OutDatum Datum of output-coordinates WGS84 KKJ   refers to DATUM.VAL
7 UTMDATUM Datum assosiated with UTM WGS84      
8 InNMEA Recognized NMEA-sentences GLL,WPL, GGA,GLL   GGA,WPL or GLL
9 OutNMEACS Include NMEA0183-checksum Y N   NMEA0183,MAGELLAN
10 FixTrack Substitute track breaks with straigt lines N Y    
11 PCX5Ver Version string in PCX5-Files I PCX5 2.09 I PCX5 2.08 outform=pcx5  
12 TrackDescDef Default description text for track/route @fdate@ track@cdate@   Use of printable fields
13 WpIDForm Format of the Waypoint ID, if missing @nbr@      
14 WpDescForm Format of the Waypoint Description, if missing @totdist@      
15 OZITRKDEF Default values for OZIExplorer-track-line properties 1,16777215,0,2,8421376   outform=oziplt  
16 MaxTBP New trackleg started, if time>MaxTBP 0 (=off) 60 (seconds)   Max Time Between Points
17 CreateID Create unique ID N Y creatind ID  
18 CreateIDByID Create unique ID by old ID (not Desc.) N = by Desc. Y creatind ID  
19 CreateIDLen Length of the Created ID 6 8 creatind ID  
20 IDSep Separator between ID and Description :: \\    
21 InTypes Point types, which GeoConv reads blank = all Waypoint filtering blanc,track,route,waypoint
22 InLineStr List of strings in the input line   Trackpoint* filtering * matches with any string
23 InIDStr List of strings in waypoint ID   FSH*,BAY filtering * matches with any string
24 InDescStr List of strings in waypoint description   *lake*,*boat filtering * matches with any string
25 LatRange Latitude-range for filtering no limit 37,40 filtering  
26 LonRange Longitude-range for filtering no limit ,62 filtering  
27 RngCrdType Type of latid./longit. range-coordinates DEG DMS filtering  
28 SkipZeroCrds Do not write lines with lat=0 and lon=0 N=No Y filtering  
29 MaxDist Max. distance from FromPoint   300 filtering  
30 FromPoint Coordinates of FromPoint   62.4,24.52    
31 FromCrdType Type of FromPoint-coordinates DEG DM    
32 ReducePointCount Max. number of points after reducing   40 Reduce  
33 ReduceMaxError Max. distance error after reducing   100 Reduce  
34 ReducePointView Max. number of points reduced at time   1000 Reduce  
35 CommentStr Defines commant-line in CRDLIST REM* \\*\\ Form=crdlist * matches with any string
36 WriteCmt if Y=Yes, writes comments to output-file as is N Y Form=crdlist  
37 InSep Field separator in input File comma (,)     Form=crdlist
38 InHeaderLen Number of lines in the header block 0 = no header   Form=crdlist  
39 InIDCol Column no. of ID-column 0 = none 1 Form=crdlist  
40 InDescCol Column no. of description-column 0 = none 2 Form=crdlist  
41 InZoneCol Column no of zone-column InLatCol 2 Form=crdlist  
42 InDateCol Column no of the input date-column, date format 0 = none 4,YYYYMMDD Form=crdlist @nnn = ASCII-code nnn
43 InTimeCol Column no of the input time-column, time format 0 = none 9 Form=crdlist @nnn = ASCII-code nnn
44 InLatCol Column no. of latitude-column 0 = none 3 Form=crdlist  
45 InLonCol Column no. of longitude-column 0 = none 4 Form=crdlist  
46 InHCol Column no. of height-column 0 = none 5 Form=crdlist  
47 InHFactor Printed height = calculated height * InHFactor 1 -1 Form=crdlist  
48 In2ZoneCol Column no of comp. zone-column In2LatCol 2 Form=crdlist for special use
49 In2LatCol Column no. of comp. latitude-column 0 = none 6 Form=crdlist for special use
50 In2LonCol Column no. of comp. longit.-column 0 = none 7 Form=crdlist for special use
51 In2HCol Column no. of comp. height-column 0 = none 8 Form=crdlist for special use
52 INDatum Datum of input-coordinates WGS84 ED50 Form=crdlist refers to DATUM.VAL
53 INXYID ID of input-xy-parameters (grid) DEFAULT RT90 Form=crdlist refers to XYPARA.VAL
54 InCrdType Type of input-coordinates (DMS, XY.. DEG XY Form=crdlist  
55 OutXYID ID of output-xy-parameters (grid) DEFAULT OSGB Form=crdlist refers to XYPARA.VAL
56 OutCRDType Type of output-coordinates (DMS, XY.. DEG MDHD Form=crdlist  
57 OutLineForm Format of output-line (can be File) see manual File:c:\line.txt Form=crdlist  
58 OutHeaderForm Format of output-header (can be File) no header File:c:\header.txt Form=crdlist  
59 OutFooterForm Format of output-footer (can be File) no footer File:c:\footer2.txt Form=crdlist  
60 OutPrLine Print output-lines Y/N (Yes/No) Y N Form=crdlist  
61 InHeightUnit Input unit for height-field m FT Form=crdlist KM,M,FT,MI,NMI
62 OutSpeedUnit Output unit for speed-fields kmh MIPH Form=crdlist KMH,MPS,MIPH,KNOT
63 OutHeightUnit Output unit for height-fields m FT Form=crdlist KM,M,FT,MI,NMI
64 OutDistanceUnit Output unit for distance-fields kmh MI Form=crdlist KM,M,FT,MI,NMI
65 OutDurationUnit Output unit for duration-fields h S Form=crdlist H,S
66 OutTimeDiff Time difference in hours (added before printing) 0 -8 Form=crdlist  
67 InHeaderMask Binary input mask for the binary input file header no mask dbl,dbl,lng,25 Binary input  
68 InLineMask Binary input mask for the input line no mask dbl,dbl,lng,25 Binary input  
69 MaxLineLen Maximum length of the input line 2000 4000 Special input  
70 LineEndStr Character string, which ends the input line     Special input @nnn = ASCII-code nnn
71 fmk.age Age of the input-file in days any 30 file selection requires prefix fmk.
72 fmk.size Size of the input-file in bytes any -2000 file selection requires prefix fmk.
73 fmk.name Name-pattern of the input-file any *fish.txt,lake* file selection requires prefix fmk.
74 fmk.contains string(s) to be found from the input-file none NAD93 file selection requires prefix fmk.
75 fmk.debug Debug level 0, 1,2 or 3 0 = no action 3   for troubleshooting