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Program GeoConv - freeware program for coordinate-conversions

Program GeoConv is a coordinate conversion program that converts between different coordinate file formats, coordinate types and datums. GeoConv is written by Eino Uikkanen

New generation version of Geoconv

The newest version of Geoconv is written using Visual Basic and requires Visual Basic Framework 3.5. If you have been using any older version of Geoconv, replace all exe-files with the new versions. The new version of Geoconv works exactly as the old version, except that there are no file or pathname-length limitations.

Version info and downloading

  • Brief description of program GeoConv - geobriefgb.htm - for a quick overview
  • Version log of GeoConv - geoversgb.htm - new features, error corrections etc.
  • Obtaining GeoConv - all needed files in one zip-file - geodelivgb.zip - version 23.6.2016 - since the operator made it very difficult to share zip-files, I will share the zip-file in cloud - please contact me, if you want to have the latest version of Geoconv.
  • Documentation

  • User's manual of GeoConv - geoconvgb.pdf - included also in the loading package
  • GeoConv's installing instructions - geoconvinstall.pdf
  • A collection of explained GeoConv-batch-runs - geoconvsamples.pdf - included also in the loading package
  • Supported file formats - geoforms.htm
  • Supported coordinate types - crdtypes.htm
  • GeoConv's parameters - geoparas.htm
  • List of printable fields in GeoConv's user-defined output-format - geoprint.htm
  • Any comments, questions, ideas - don't hesitate to contact:

  • E-mail to the author - eino.uikkanen@iki.fi - please put the word 'GeoConv' somewhere in the title to help me to distinguish between spam and proper mail. I do answer all proper (=not spam) mails - if you don't get an answer, please resend your mail - I may have deleted your mail accidentally among the spam.