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Version log of program GeoConv

2016-06-23 CHANGE Support to Finnish MeriCD removed as obsolete
2014-11-15 CORR. Added GPX-levels from 19 to 99. Thanks for the error report Pasi Revonmäki - Posion ATK-palvelut
2014-07-20 CHANGE Geoconv is totally rewritten using Microsoft Visual Basic. Program is compiled using Framefork 3.5, which should be present in most Windows computers.
2007-10-21 CORR. The name of the default drive becomes erroneous in some system environments. Therefore the name of the default drive is now fixed to C:
2007-09-18 CORR. Error in datum-conversion, if the flattening in the ellipsoidal parameters was expressed as a division, e.g. 1/298.257223563665. Thanks for the error report Per-Otto Olsson.
2007-03-31 CORR The input date formatting instruction in INDATECOL ignored the the time field elements h, m and s. Thanks for the error report Dmitry Denisov
2007-03-31 CORR. Now it is possible to use all coordinate formatting options in formatting PCX5-output-coordinates. Thanks for the error report Martin Crocker
2006-07-14 CORR. Reading coordinate values from Genimap Reittikartta (Finnish) route file failed, if the coordinates were saved in Uniform Coordinate System YKJ. Thanks for the error report Johan Kall.
2006-06-19 CORR. If output line template was defined as a file (outlineform=file:filename) and printable field 'item' was used in the template file, then 'item' did't return correct values.
2006-06-07 CORR. GeoConv's parameter SkipZeroCrds didn't handle the situation, where grid-coordinates (e.g. UTM) were zero. Thanks for the error report and test material, Curt Phelps: Curt Phelps - KA9YPF
2006-06-07 CORR. GeoConv's parameter OUTTYPE wasn't functioning at all (new error, this parameter has been functioning before). Thanks for the error report and test material, Curt Phelps: Curt Phelps - KA9YPF
2006-02-14 CORR. GeoConv failed to convert some GPX-files, because of the fixed limit of 9 XML-levels. The number of maximum XML-levels is now increased to 19. Thanks for error report and test material, Russ Hurlbut: http://www.xltd.com/maps/
2005-10-09 CHANGE Document edits only
2005-09-20 CORR. The sign of the northing in Mercator projection was wrong.
2005-09-20 CORR. There was a lapse in the documentation telling, that the equator is one of the standard parallels in Mercator 2SP-case (which would have made it conic). Thanks for the note, Bengt Rostedt.
2005-09-17 NEW GeoConv's installation and troubleshooting instructions in a new document GeoConvInstall.doc.
2005-08-25 CORR. If the output-coordinate type was grid-coordinate and conversion included datum-conversion, the height coordinate was left out of the datum conversion. (Thanks for the error report and test material, Szymon Rutkowski)
2005-08-23 CHANGE Datum associated with UTM-coordinates is read from parameter UTMDATUM.
2005-08-22 NEW It is now possible to use variable length input separators in input-format CRDLIST; before the input-separator was always one character long. See parameter INSEP.
2005-08-22 NEW New parameters WPIDFORM and WPDESCFORM, which make it possible to describe default Waypoint ID and Waypoint Description using a string, where it is possible to use embedded printable fields.
2005-08-22 NEW The GPS-log of MERICD-program (Finland) is now supported by it's own name MERICDGPS. It was possible to read MERICD GPS-log even before using NMEA0183-format
2005-08-22 CORR. Reading the time failed, if time for described with fixed length format as part of the date field.
2005-08-22 CHANGE The default value of parameter SkipZeroCrds if now Y (Yes).
2005-08-22 REMOVAL Printable fields BEARING2 and SPEED2 removed, because these fields where used only in Delorme GPL-format, which isn't supported any more.
2005-08-22 REMOVAL Support for Delorme GPL-format removed. Reasons: 1. Very few if any users. 2. Delorme GPL-format can be input using user defined binary format (sample run included in delivery package).
2005-06-18 CORR. An attempt to reduce a track to smaller number of points than there were separate track blocks in the track caused an infinite loop.
2005-06-18 NEW New more dynamic ways to define the date- and time-formats when reading in user defined formats.
2005-06-18 CORR. Error in reading lines with binary mask corrected - the last field was not read.
2005-06-18 REMOVAL Parameter / printable field FromDesc removed.
2005-06-18 NEW New parameter FIXTRACK: substitute the breaks between track blocks with straight lines.
2005-06-14 CORR. In output format NMEA0183 the latitude value was written using E and W, not N and S. This error has probably come with the changes done in 2005-04-10. (Thanks for the error report Jan Dawidowski)
2005-04-10 NEW New parameter InTypes, which can be used for filtering input lines based on the recognized point type (WAYPOINT,TRACK,ROUTE). E.g. INTYPES=TRACK would mean, that GeoConv should pass to the output file only those input-points, which are of track-type. (Thanks for the development idea Gilles Métais)
2005-04-10 NEW New parameter InLineStr, which can be used for filtering input lines based on string match. InLineStr is a comma separated list of strings, where you can use asterisk to indicate match with any string, e.g. InLineStr=Waypoint*,Trackpoint*.
2005-04-10 CHANGE With parameter COMMENTSTR you can give a comma separated list of strings, which indicate comment-lines (earlier only one string). E.g. REM*,//*//.
2005-04-07 NEW GeoConv now reads in MPSEXP format also the new date and time field. (Thanks for the report Gilles Métais)
2005-04-07 CORR. Delivery package 2005-04-06 had after all old version of FVALUE.EXE, not the new corrected one.
2005-04-06 CORR. If the input file was in the latest MapSource Text Export format (MSPEXP), GeoConv read symbol value from wrong column position, because the symbol position was changed. Now GeoConv calculates the symbol position from the header line and gets the correct symbol position in all MapSource Text Export formats. (Thanks for the error report Gilles Métais)
2005-04-06 CORR. Program FVALUE made an error, if the environ parameter TEMP referred to different drive than the updated parameter file. (Thanks for the error report Gilles Métais)
2005-04-06 CORR. The printable field ITEM always assumed, that the input separator (INSEP) is comma (,).
2005-03-12 CORR. Error in the automatic zone calculation based on longitude in Finnish KKJ coordinate type. Error appeared after 10.3.2005 changes.
2005-03-10 NEW New Finnish grid-coordinate systems ETRS-TM35FIN, ETRS-GK.
2005-03-10 NEW New parameter InHFactor, which can be used to adjust input-height, e.g. to change sign of the depth value so, that it can be used as height value.
2005-03-04 NEW Support for Mercator Projected Coordinates, one (CRDTYPE=MERC1SP) or two (CRDTYPE=MERC2SP) standard parallels.
2005-03-04 NEW New printable field DELPHITIME, which prints date and time in Delphi TDateTime-format. Used e.g. by OziExplorer.
2005-03-04 NEW New parameter SkipZeroCrds. If this parameter is set (SkipZeroCrds=Y), GeoConv doesn't write records, where both latitude and longitude are zero. Can be used for formats, where zero coordinate values indicate missing data.
2005-03-04 NEW New parameter InHeaderLen, which defines the length (number of lines) of the header block in user defined format CRDLIST
2005-01-02 NEW New parameter TRACKDESCDEF, user defined track-description. It is possible to use embedded printable fields in the definition of TRACKDESCDEF. (Thanks for the development idea Ronald Merema)
2005-01-02 NEW New printable field INFILE, name of the input-file name. This can be used e.g. when defining user defined track description.
2005-01-02 NEW New printable fields CDATE and CTIME, current date and time and FDATE and FTIME, date and time from input-files timestamp
2005-01-01 CORR. Handling of parameter OZITRKDEF forced the value of OziExplorer track line type to 1. (Thanks for error report and sample files Ronald Merema)
2005-01-01 NEW New parameter OZITRKDEF, which defines default properties for Ozi-tracks (line width, color etc)
2005-01-01 IMPR. Improved parsing of PCX5-format. Now GeoConv can read PCX5-format, where fields are delimited by various number of spaces. In normal PCX5-file fields are delimited by exactly one space. (Thanks for the report and sample files Ronald Merema)
2004-12-30 CORR. Error in reading date-fields in formats Waypoint+, Magellan and GPX. This error appeared obviously with the 2004-12-12 changes. (Thanks for error report Roland Kissling)
2004-12-12 NEW Binary input: new parameters INHEADERMASK and INLINEMASK, which can be used to define the structure of the user defined binary input file.
2004-12-12 NEW New parameters MAXLINELEN and LINEENDSTR, which can be used to define exceptionally long line length and exceptional line separator in user defined text-input-file.
2004-12-12 NEW New parameters INDATECOL and INTIMECOL, which can be used to define the columns and formats of the date- and time-fields in the user defined input format. (Thanks for the development idea Guillermo P. Garcia Mendive)
2004-11-21 CORR. Error in calculating height above ellipsoid (Thanks for error reports, Tamás Kaproncai and Guillermo P. Garcia Mendive)
2004-10-16 CORR. In format PCX5 the coordinate values were written in wrong positions (after 26.9.2004 change in coordinate formatting).
2004-09-26 NEW New input-format, MapSource Text Export (tracks, waypoints, INFORM=MPSEXP)
2004-09-26 NEW Formatting options for printing coordinate formats DEG, DM, DMS and GON. See parameter OUTCRDTYPE.
2004-09-17 NEW Coordinate type GON, where full circle is 400 degrees.
2004-09-17 CHANGE Section, which describes NMEA-handling is rewritten in GeoConv's User's Manual.
2004-09-17 CORR. Printable field REDUCEMAXDIST was always printed as zero.
2004-09-05 NEW The parameters used for selecting the input-files based on files age, size, name and content added to the users' manual. The functionality is not new - only the documentation.
2004-09-05 NEW Geoconv reads Garmin proprietary NMEA-sentence PGRMM and takes input-datum from it. (Thanks for bringing up the need and for the test material, Ilkka Kontola)
2004-08-12 NEW GeoConv now reads date from NMEA0183-sentence ZDA.
2004-08-08 NEW New document GeoConvSamples.pdf, which contains a collection of explained GeoConv-batch-runs. Many of the batch-files included in this document are included also in the delivery package.
2004-08-01 NEW Support for Lambert Conic Conformal Projected Coordinates, one (CRDTYPE=LCC1SP) or two (CRDTYPE=LCC2SP) standard parallels. See User's Manual, sections INCRDTYPE and OUTCRDTYPE and parameter file XYPARA.VAL. (Thanks for support and material for testing LCC, Paul Hirose)
2004-08-01 CHANGE The name of the coordinate type XY (INCRDTYPE/OUTCRDTYPE) is changed to TM (Transverse Mercator), because XY was too general. XY can still be used, but it is recommended to change it to TM.
2004-08-01 NEW New printable fields NORTHING and EASTING. (act exactly like LAT and LON)
2004-07-26 CHANGE The default value for parameters INFORM and OUTFORM is changed to CRDLIST. That means, that the user never has to define INFORM and/or OUTFORM, if the form is CRDLIST.
2004-07-26 REMOVAL Support for Maidenhead-locator removed. GeoConv is designed to be used in batch-mode only, but in most cases an interactive conversion tool is best for Maidenhead-conversions.
2004-07-26 REMOVAL Support for Finnish Emergency Grid (=PEPA, pelastuspalveluruutu) removed, because PEPA is becoming obsolete.
2004-07-10 NEW Full UTM-handling added: full zone and band (Zone Number, Band Letter) -handling, automatic zone recognition and change, handling of the exceptional zones etc. See User's Manual, sections INCRDTYPE and OUTCRDTYPE. In relation to this new parameters InZoneCol and In2ZoneCol and new printable fields Zone and In2Zone added. (Thanks for inspiring co-operation regarding UTM-handling development Ruben Roa Ureta)
2004-07-10 CORR. GeoConv didn't write a blank line in the PCX5-track when a new track block started (legstart). (Thanks for error report John Schultz)
2004-07-10 NEW New parameter WRITECMT (Write Comment). If this parameter is set (WRITECMT=Y), the comments in the input-file are written as is to the output-file. By default comment-lines are skipped. (Thanks for the development idea, Ruben Roa Ureta)
2007-07-10 NEW Several sample batch-files added to the delivery package.
2004-07-10 CHANGE Document GeoParas.pdf, GeoPrint.pdf and GeoForms.pdf replaced with Excel-file GeoParas.xls, which contains the same information. (This information is also available in GeoConv's home page in three HTML-files).
2004-07-10 CHANGE The value of the parameter NBRBASE is no more added to the printable field NBR before printing, because NBRBASE is removed.
2004-07-10 CORR. GeoConv did not recognize the printable field BEARING2
2004-07-10 REMOVAL Parameter NBRBASE is removed, because it was used to support the removed file format GTSUOMI.
2004-07-10 REMOVAL Support for the file format GTSUOMI removed, because this format has become obsolete.
2004-05-24 CHANGE GeoConv now writes all temporary files in the directory defined in the environment variable TEMP. GeoConv and it's utilities did write temporary files in the root directory too. Thanks to everyone complaining about that.
2004-03-22 CORR. The NMEA-checksum was written erroneously one character long, if the value was less than or equal to F. Affected output-formats NMEA0183 and Magellan. (Thanks for error-report and testing, Simo Marttonen, OH5CX).
2004-03-07 NEW New parameter MaxTBP (Maximum Time Between Points) provides the possibility to recognize a break in the track-log based on the time delay between the points. Can be used e.g. when converting NMEA0183-log to other formats. (Thanks for bringing up the problem and testing Mark Penders)
2004-03-07 CHANGE NMEA0183 handling totally rewritten. Several improvements, see the manual. N/B: INNMEA default is changed. (Thanks for bringing up the problems, error-reports, testing and other support Mark Penders)
2004-03-07 CHANGE New short GeoCoIni.bat, which is based on enhanced FVALUE.EXE.
2004-03-07 NEW New parameter IDDESCSTR. Works like INIDSTR, but is matched against waypoint-description.
2004-03-07 CHANGE The syntax of INIDSTR is changed. Now an asterisk can be used to match with any text, e.g. FISH* matches with any ID starting with FISH.
2004-03-07 NEW New document FVALUEGB.PDF describes in detail the usage of the program FVALUE, which is used for setting GeoConv's parameters.
2004-03-07 NEW New parameter COMMENTSTR defines the comment-line-format in the input-file, when using format CRDLIST. (Thanks for the development idea Dr. Joerg Stein)
2004-03-07 NEW New parameter PCX5VER defines the version text in PCX5-file (output). (Thanks for the development idea Dr. Joerg Stein)
2003-09-28 CORR. GeoConv refused to write PCX5-file in Route-format, if the input-file was not in Route-format.
2003-09-28 CHANGE GeoConv now writes also columns titles in PCX5-files, because some programs, which can read PCX5-files, require the column titles (e.g. TTQV - TOURATECHQV). (Thanks for comments Dr. Joerg Stein)
2003-09-28 CORR. GeoConv now assumes, that height in DeLorme-format is expressed in feet (was meters). (Thanks for error-report Dr. Joerg Stein)
2003-09-26 CHANGE Changes in altitude/height-handling: Altitude is copied to height-field, when reading DELORMEGPL. Height is read and written in PCX5-format. (Thanks for comments Dr. Joerg Stein)
2003-09-20 NEW TWD67, Taiwanese datum- and grid-parameters added in the respective parameter-files. (Thanks for the information and support: Cygnet and Dan Jacobson)
2003-09-20 CORR. GeoConv wrote a ''+'-sign in front of positive latitude or longitude even in some cases, where not appropriate (e.g. OZIWPT). (Thanks for error-report: Pekka Moilanen)
2003-08-16 NEW GPX-handling improved - handling of comments, program instructions (read, not write) and CDATA-tokens added.
2003-08-16 NEW GPX - route-handling added
2003-08-03 NEW GPX - the GPS eXchange Format - waypoints and tracks
2003-08-03 NEW Document GeoPrint.PDF, which describes attributes for the printable fields
2003-07-12 NEW New general input-format D for geodetic coordinate formats DEG, DM and DMS. See the manual: INCRDTYPE.
2003-07-11 CORR. Printable field "ITEM" was only partly printed. (Thanks for error-report: Knut Olsen)
2003-07-11 CORR. Height was written without datum-transformation in output-format OZITRK.
2003-04-18 CORR. Error in handling the comparison (IN2-) height, value of which was mixed with the value normal ellipsoidal height. Affected only situations, where IN2HCOL was defined. Error existed in versions 6-Apr-2003 and later only.
2003-04-18 NEW New unit: FTUS = U.S. foot alias survey foot = exactly equal to 1200/3937 meter
2003-04-12 CHANGE Sections describing installation and start of use rewritten in the Users Manual GeoConvGB.PDF.
2003-04-12 NEW GeoConv accepts MPH as short for Miles Per Hours in addition to MIPH. (Thanks for persistence: Doug Sisco)
2003-04-07 CORR. Program printed DATE and TIME with extra spaces. (Thanks for error-report: Doug Sisco)
2003-04-06 NEW Unit conversion and definition of time difference is possible when printing fields (OUTFORM=CRDLIST)
2003-04-06 NEW Unit of input-height is user defined when INFORM=CRDLIST
2003-04-06 NEW New printable fields SPEED2 and BEARING2
2003-04-06 CHANGE Printable fields LAT2, LON2, H2 renamed IN2LAT, IN2LON, IN2 for conformity
2003-04-01 CHANGE Printable fields REDUCEORDER and REDUCEDIST removed, because the new reduction algorithm does not calculate these values.
2003-04-01 CHANGE The reduction routine totally rewritten. New algorithm gives better results and faster. See manual. (Thanks for test-reports and support: Arto Kojo)
2003-04-01 CORR. Program didn't pass the attributes of OZI-track-files in OZI-OZI-conversion (Thanks for error-report: Arto Kojo)
2003-04-01 CORR. Error in timestamp-routine rounded seconds sometimes to 60 (thanks for error-report: Arto Kojo)
2003-04-01 CORR. Error when handling OZI-Explorer-files greater than appr. 35000 points (Thanks for error-report: Arto Kojo)
2003-03-23 NEW New parameter OUTNMEACS=Y/N defines if the optional checksum is written to output-sentences in formats NMEA0183 and MAGELLAN.
2003-03-23 CHANGE Datum in formats MAGELLAN and DELORMEGPL is now fixed (WGS84).
2003-03-23 CHANGE The number of points in reduced track/route was limited to 1000 points (undocumented). Now there is no limit.
2003-03-23 CORR. If a binary output-file did exist, the existing file was not emptied before writing the new version.  
2003-03-12 CORR. The (optional) Track-name wasn't written in Magellan PMGNTRK-format
2003-03-09 NEW New file format DELORMEGPL, DeLorme's GPL format used e.g. in DeLorme's Map'n'Go 3.0 and Street Atlas 4.0. (Thanks for testing and support: Mike Fields)
2003-03-09 NEW New file format MAGELLAN, formats PMGNTRK and PMGNWPL (Track and Waypoint). (Thanks for testing and support: Mike Fields)
2003-03-09 NEW New printable field SPEED
2003-03-08 CORR. Error in handling Julian date, e.g. handling dates OZI-formats; sometimes dates where written as zero and there was a 12h error in time. Totally rewritten.
2003-03-08 CORR. NMEA0183-sentence WPL read Waypoint-ID from wrong column
2003-03-08 CORR. NMEA0183-sentence GGA was written in feets even when unit was M
2003-02-21 NEW Printable fields IN2DCX-IN2DCZ ja AVEIN2DCX-AVEIN2DCZ, see manual.
2003-02-21 NEW Printable fields CX, CY, CZ = 3D-cartesian coordinates and corresponding IN2CX, IN2DX, IN2CZ
2003-02-21 CORR. IDSEP and NBRBASE missing from GeoCoIni.bat
2002-12-29 CHANGE Ellipsoid of the datum WGS 84 is again WGS 84 - was GRS 80 for a short period of time
2002-12-15 NEW Small improvements in users manual, e.g. part "Parameter files - datum-file" rewritten.
2002-12-07 NEW RT90, OSGB36, etc. datums and metric xy-conversions
2002-12-07 NEW Improved grid-parameter handling - several additions and changes - see manual: parameter file XYPARA.VAL, parameters INXYID and OUTXYID and related sections.
2002-12-07 NEW Printable field: IN2BEARING
2002-12-07 CHANGE Change in names of printable fields: DATUM->OUTDATUM
2002-12-07 CHANGE Changed parameter name: MDHDLEN->OUTMDHDLEN
2002-12-07 CHANGE Changed parameter-names: UNICID->CREATE ID, UNICBYID->CREATEIDBYID
2002-12-07 CORR. Error appearing, when Scale Factor at Central Meridian<>1 corrected
2002-12-07 CORR. Errors sometimes appearing with negative longitudes corrected
2002-11-19 CHANGE Combined English+Finnish delivery package splitted to English (geodelivgb.exe) and Finnish (geodeliv.exe) delivery packages.
2002-11-19 NEW Printable fields LAT2, LON2, H2, IN2DIST, MAXIN2DIST and AVEIN2DIST
2002-11-19 NEW Parameters IN2LATCOL, IN2LONCOL and IN2HCOL, comparison coordinate values
2002-10-27 NEW English version of the version log (this file) started
2002-10-27 NEW GeoConvGB.PDF, Users manual in English

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